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Governance and committees

Governance Structure

Professor Craig Calhoun is Director of the School. He is supported by the Provost and three Pro-directors, who assist him in various aspects of his work. The Provost and Deputy Director is Professor Robin Mansell, and the Pro-directors are Professor David Webb, Professor Julia Black and Professor Paul Kelly. 

Andrew Webb, the School Secretary (Acting), has overall responsibility to the Director as secretary of the LSE Council (the School's governing body), clerk of the Court of Governors and company secretary, contact secretary@lse.ac.uk

The LSE Council, as governing body, is responsible for determining strategy and its members are company directors of the School. The Court of Governors deals with some constitutional matters and has influence in the School through pre-decision discussions on key policy issues and the involvement of individual governors in the School's activities. Alan Elias chairs both bodies.

The Academic Board is the principal academic body, which considers all major issues of general policy affecting the academic life of the School and its development. It is chaired by the Director, with staff and student membership.

There are a number of committees of the Council, Court and the Academic Board, and others, which are advisory to the Director. See the Structure of School Governance [PDF]

Charitable status / Articles of Association

LSE has charitable status because it holds the dual status of a company limited by guarantee; and an exempt charity since 1 June 2010 the School has been regulated for charitable purposes by the Higher Education Funding Council for England. See also the Articles of Association and the School's Bye Laws.


See the Telephone Directory for full contact details. 


Director Professor C Calhoun 
Provost and Deputy Director Professor R Mansell
Pro-director Professor P Kelly
Pro-director Professor D Webb
Pro-director Professor J Black
Vice-chair of the Academic Board Professor M Loughlin
Vice-chair of the Appointments Committee Professor E Neumayer
Academic and Student Affairs Committee Professor P Kelly
Chair of International Programmes Board  Professor R Richardson
Chair of Graduate Studies Subcommittee Professor T Rantanen
Chair of Research Committee Professor J Black
Chair of Undergraduate Studies Subcommittee Dr S Ali
Vice-chair of the Academic Planning and Resources Committee Professor D Webb
Dean of Graduate Studies Dr Sunil Kumar
Dean of Undergraduate Studies Dr Peter Howlett 
Associate Dean General Course Mr Mark Hoffman
Adviser to Women Students Dr Shani Ograd
Adviser to Male Students Dr Jonathan Hopkin
Director, University of London International Programmes at LSE