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Academic and Professional Development Division

The Academic and Professional Development (APD) Division combines the strengths of LSE Careers, LSE Language CentreLSE Teaching and Learning Centre and LSE100, who work together to help maximise the academic and professional development of staff and students.

APD's 2010/11 Review

Browse here, download a PDF or, if you'd like a hard copy, please email tlc@lse.ac.uk

Maximising your potential
Maximise Your Potential: special events for undergraduates 

Wondering what to do once you've recovered from exams? We have the perfect solution: a series of free events and courses that will enhance your skills and get you ready for what lies ahead.
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Overview of APD

The four units maintain their distinctive identities. For further information please see this Overview.

News and events from APD


Tandem Learning Events for Fudan Students
A series of tandem activities were organised for our first visitors from Fudan University. They run parallel to the English programme which Fudan students have been taking at LSE. This is part of the Summer Language Exchange Programme with Fudan … Continue reading

Today: Day Jobs and the Twilight World
LSE Space for Thought – LSE Language Centre Literary Festival presents: Day Jobs and the Twilight World 17:15 – 18:45 Wolfson Theatre  Although the cliché of the novelist as a typically bohemian, solitary, garret-inhabiting individual persists, in reality today, as … Continue reading


Assessing class participation: report on an LSE pilot
In 2015/16, LSE’s Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method piloted the use of class participation marks in its Philosophy of Economics (PH311) course. Co-convenor of the course Dr Alex Voorhoeve spoke about the project at the LSE Education Symposium earlier … Continue reading

Resource of the week
Tomorrow’s post features an interview with Alex Voorhoeve (from LSE’s Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method) about the use of class participation marks in evaluating and assessing students’ work. As a prelude, we’re offering here some links to resources … Continue reading


The benefits of work shadowing
As the name suggests, work, or job shadowing, is where you observe someone in their role to understand how they do their job. It can be a great way to gain (literally) on-the-ground insights, deepen your knowledge and expand your network. Here are some of the main benefits: The chance to assess your ‘fit’ Often, a work shadow opportunity will […]

How to find a job in a startup
Job hunting. What just came into your mind as you read those words? The seemingly endless trawling of jobsites? Preparing for a 17 stage-assessment centre? Firing off your CV and cover letter 30 seconds before the deadline? For many job sectors, the traditional job search still stands; you look for a job advert online, target and submit your CV and marketing […]